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Free Online Utilities for Developers

Instant Web Tools offers a suite of free, user-friendly tools designed to simplify your online tasks. Whether you need a Fake API for testing, JSON converters, UUID generators, or a TikTok video downloader, Instant Web Tools has you covered. Our tools are accessible to everyone, providing efficient solutions to streamline your workflow. Explore our site and take advantage of these essential web utilities today!

Fake API for testing

Fake API for testing

Are you looking for pre hosted, online and free API to test your API clients ? Here we've built and hosted 3 Fake API instances including Fake REST API, Secured REST API and Fake GraphQL API for your use.

  • Fake Rest API
    Simple REST API endpoints with more than 10000 row dataset. This includes all the HTTP requests including GET, POST, DELETE, PUT, PATCH. with supporting Pagination.
  • Fake Secured Rest API
    Same API which deployed for Fake REST API with Adding secure Layer with JWT Authentication.
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JSON Converters

JSON Converters

This section provides a collection of JSON converters that can transform JSON input into classes for various programming languages, including Java, Kotlin, Groovy, C#, and Swift. These converters simplify the process of working with JSON data by automatically generating the necessary code structures for each language.

  • JSON to Java Converter
    This converter could create a Java POJO using any kind of JSON input. Additionally It supports for Lombok project based annotations.
  • JSON to Kotlin Converter
    This converter could create a Kotlin Data class using any kind of JSON input.
  • JSON to Groovy Converter
    This converter could create a Groovy class using any kind of JSON input.
  • JSON to C# Converter
    This converter could create a C# class using any kind of JSON input.
  • JSON to Swift Converter
    This converter could create a Swift Codeable class using any kind of JSON input.
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Video Download

Video Download

  • Tiktok Video Downloader
    Free tiktok video downloader which allows to download tiktok videos without watermark
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UUID Tools

UUID Tools

UUID Tools offers a range of free utilities for generating and validating different versions of UUIDs, including bulk generation, custom namespace options, and validation of existing UUIDs. Ideal for developers needing reliable and unique identifier solutions.

  • UUID Generator
    Free UUID generator supports UUID version 4 and UUID version 1 with bulk UUID generator with download options.
  • UUID Version 5 Generator
    Free UUID Generator which supports UUID version 5 and generate using custom and predefined namespace.
  • Empty UUID Generator
    Free empty null UUID generator.
  • UUID Validator
    Free UUID validator which checks UUID version and validity of a given UUID from any kind of UUID version.
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